Gregg O'Neill

Gregg O'Neill, a veteran in the loyalty marketing industry, is embarking on a new venture in Purpose Tech. With his extensive experience in developing innovative consumer engagement strategies and driving business growth, Gregg is now focusing on empowering customers to influence corporate giving. By connecting brands, customers, and nonprofits, he aims to revolutionize the marketing landscape and enable individuals to support causes they care about, such as social justice, environment, youth services, and health equity. With a strong background in loyalty marketing, payment solutions, and consumer engagement, Gregg brings a wealth of expertise to this new endeavor, where he seeks to combine the power of giving with loyalty marketing to create meaningful relationships between brands and their customers.

After spending 25 years in the Loyalty Marketing Services space, I am now leading a new business vertical in Purpose Tech. Our goal is to connect brands, customers, and nonprofits, creating a new marketing revolution where customers have a say in where companies donate in areas of Social Justice, Environment, Youth Services, Health Equity, and many other cause areas that are important to the individual.With over 25 years of experience in helping build solid consumer engagement strategies, I have developed innovative new marketing initiatives and helped implement those ideas into operational programs, driving traffic, revenue, and the acquisition of new customers. As a strong business leader with a solid background in the loyalty, marketing, and payment card industries, I have held leadership roles in executive management, sales and business development, marketing, client services, project management, and implementations. I have a track record of bringing in multi-year contracts and revenue through outside sales.I am passionate about the intersection of giving and loyalty marketing space, and I am constantly striving to help revolutionize where we take our customers in their daily relationships with our branded clients. My specialties include CSR, ESG giving strategies, loyalty marketing, payment solutions, rewards, consumer and brand engagement strategies, strong sales/business development, sales management, business operations support, financial services, hospitality and travel, retail, and technology.

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